Adobe Flash player 11.7.700.182 Beta版發布

Adobe 在昨天發布了Adobe Flash player 11.7.700.182 Beta。新版主要修正了部分視頻在播放時突然崩潰的問題。

Notable Fixes and Enhancements
* 3498546 – Chrome PPAPI on Mac: Adobe Connect Add-In Does Not Launch after Installation
* 3499731 – Chrome PPAPI on Mac: Adobe FormsCentral has an unacceptable delay while resizing an information box on a template
* 3494618 – Safari on Mac: Specific SWFs are scaled on Mac with Retina Display
* 3501218 – WinXP – Microphone audio is distorted
* 3492841 – Chrome PPAPI: Corrects an issue where copy and paste was not working in the textfields of some Flex-based SWFs
* 3487449 – Flash Player will now correctly clip a SWF rendering with Stage3D where the SWF is larger than the HTML container and is using constrained mode.
* 3499702 – Microphone stops dispatching SampleDataEvents after repeated use.


Adobe Flash Player 11.7 Beta (for Internet Explorer) 32/64-bit

Adobe Flash Player 11.7 Beta (for all other browsers) 32/64-bit

Adobe Flash Player 11.7 Beta for Mac OS X



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