Pale Moon 19.0正式版發布

Firefox的修改版本Pale Moon 瀏覽器,已經發布了19.0正式版。新版減少了使用的內存,並增加了對64位處理器的支援。



Pale Moon 19

Pale Moon 19 x64

Pale Moon 19 Portable

Pale Moon 19 x64 Portable

Pale Moon 15

Pale Moon 15 x64

Pale Moon 15 Portable

Pale Moon 15 x64 Portable

Pale Moon 3.6.32

Pale Moon 3.6.32 Portable

Pale Moon 19.0更新日誌︰

* Update of the underlying Firefox (gecko) code to v19. This has a number of consequences:
o Add-ons and themes may need to be updated since the UI code has changed.
o HTML5-implementation is more complete
o A number of CSS statements have their prefix removed (-moz*)
o Javascript now uses the IonMonkey engine by default, which is a new (faster) engine
o Improvements to the layout and rendering engines
o If you are using a language pack, you need to update it to the new version
* Update of the browser style. Main browser controls and the padlock look slightly different.
* Several Pale Moon specific improvements to the rendering engine, noticeable in general use and certain benchmarks, to prevent browser stalls or high CPU usage on certain pages.
* The builds no longer use PGO (Profile Guided Optimization) but are globally speed-optimized.




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