Mozilla Firefox 10.0.8 ESR(轉自cnbeta)

长期支持版本(Extended Support Release,简称“ESR”)是 Mozilla 专门为那些无法或不愿每隔六周就升级一次的企业打造。Firefox ESR 版的升级周期为42周,而普通 Firefox 的升级周期为6周。本次发布的Mozilla Firefox 10.0.8 ESR就是这样一个版本。


  • DSecurity fixes can be found here.
  • FIXEDJava applets sometimes caused text input to become unresponsive (bug 718939)
  • NEWMost add-ons are now compatible with new versions of Firefox by default
  • NEWThe forward button is now hidden until you navigate back
  • NEWAnti-Aliasing for WebGL is now implemented (see bug 615976)
  • NEWCSS3 3D-Transforms are now supported (see bug 505115)
  • HTML5New <bdi> element for bi-directional text isolation, along with supporting CSS properties (see bugs 613149 and 662288)
  • HTML5Full Screen APIs allow you to build a web application that runs full screen (see the feature page)
  • DEVELOPERWe’ve added IndexedDB APIs to more closely match the specification
  • DEVELOPERInspect tool with content highlighting, includes new CSS Style Inspector
  • FIXED Mac OS X only – after installing the latest Java release from Apple, Firefox may crash when closing a tab with a Java applet installed (700835)
  • FIXED Some users may experience a crash when moving bookmarks (681795)
  • FIXED Silverlight video may not play on some Macintosh hardware (715396)


Known Issues

  • Unresolved Two-digit browser version numbers may cause a small number of website incompatibilities (see 690287)
  • Unresolved If you try to start Firefox using a locked profile, it will crash (see 573369)
  • Unresolved For some users, scrolling in the main GMail window will be slower than usual (see 579260)
  • Unresolved Some synaptic touch pads are unable to vertical scroll (see 622410)
  • Unresolved Firefox notifications may not work properly with Growl 1.3 or later (see 691662)Unresolved on v10 Resolved in v11
  • Unresolved Under certain conditions, scrolling and text input may be jerky (see 711900)

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